RXMicro should never be applied undiluted.

Mix product well before use as contents may settle during transit.
RXMicro, due to the chemical exchange that occurs, works best in a warm and moist environment. If these conditions are not ideal, a higher dose of product or additional water might be needed to remediate the contamination.
For vegetation or other sensitive surfaces, it is sometimes recommended to spray contamination with a solution that is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic (e.g. soapy water) prior to treating with RXMicro. This gives the contamination more surface contact with the product, increasing efficacy.
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Soil Remediation
1.  Completely blend recommended dose of RXMicro and water for remediation
2.  Evenly saturate profile with amendment using spraying equipment of choice
    (e.g. hitch sprayer, water pump, backpack sprayer)
3.  Mechanically disturb to aerate the contaminated soil
4.  To increase efficacy, add water as needed to maintain moisture levels
5.  Repeat steps as necessary
Hard Surface Cleanup
1.  Completely blend recommended dose of RXMicro and water for remediation.
2.  Use a high-pressure delivery system to apply amendment while disturbing contamination.
3.  If necessary, further agitate contamination using hard bristled broom or similar tool.
4.  Continue steps 2 and 3 until desired outcome
RXMicroWaterSoil to be treatedOil released
1 gallon35 gallons10 cubic yards10 gallons
2.5 gallons (1/2 bucket)85 gallons25 cubic yards25 gallons
5 gallons (1 bucket)170 gallons50 cubic yards50 gallons
7.5 gallons (1 ½ buckets)250 gallons75 cubic yards75 gallons
15 gallons (3 buckets)500 gallons150 cubic yards150 gallons